In a nutshell

Our Objectives

  • to promote, encourage and organise walking and similar outdoor activities;
  • to promote interest in flora, fauna and natural scenery in Tasmania;
  • to provide training opportunities for members in navigation and bushcraft;
  • to provide a source of information on bushwalking in Tasmania to members;
  • to promote goodwill and social interaction amongst members.

Outdoor Activities

  • Our main activity is walking for pleasure in Tasmania i.e. bushwalking, hiking, tramping. We also go cycling, snow skiing, and kayaking.
  • We offer walking trips of varying levels of difficulty – from easy, short walks suitable for families with toddlers and people with some limited mobility right through to multi-day expeditions in rough and remote areas of Tasmania.
  • A non-member (Visitor) may join a trip as a guest of a Club Member on up to three occasions, with the agreement of the Trip Coordinator.
  • Join our Facebook page to see what we’ve been doing lately.

Membership Benefits

  • Modest annual membership fee (currently $33)
  • The opportunity to participate in our program of over 500 walks and 150 cycle trips a year.
  • The safety of walking in a group.
  • Great companionship and lots of fun as part of our 800 plus membership.
  • Tap into a vast resource of bushwalking information on Tasmania.
  • A variety of training sessions in essential skills, navigation, coordination of group activities and occasionally other training opportunities, such as first aid.
  • Monthly electronic newsletter (the Circular) of forthcoming activities (paper Circular costs extra).
  • Monthly Club Night with news about current bushwalking issues, guest speakers, and supper.
  • Join over 100 member volunteers who organise the Club and its activities.
  • A sense of history – HWC is one of the oldest and largest bushwalking clubs in Australia.
  • The Club hut at Lake Dobson in Mt Field National Park.
  • Discounts in some outdoor shops.

Safety Priorities

  • All members undertake essential skills day as part of the joining process
  • Optional training for all our trip coordinators
  • A PLB (personal locator beacon) is available for all trips
  • We subsidise first aid training for active members
  • We subsidise purchase of PLBs by active members
Hannels Spur and blue ridges by Mike Bremers
Snow on the way to Collins Bonnet.