News And Announcements

News and Announcements

Important Update – HWC Activities status at 11 May 2020

In my communication of 30 April on the impact of COVID-19 on the Club I announced that all Club activities would be suspended until at least the end of April. The purpose of this note is to provide you with an update.

The Premier The Hon. Peter Gutwein on Friday 8th May announced some relaxation of physical distancing and other measures that were designed to limit the spread of COVID19. The HWC Executive met by Zoom on Saturday afternoon to decide the Protocols the Club should follow.

New rules announced by Mr Gutwein which the Club must follow are:
From May 18:

  • Public gatherings of up to ten people allowed, for recreation and in cafes.
  • Physical distancing of 1.5m remains in force.
  • Parks and reserves can be visited for recreation purposes at a maximum distance of 30km by road from a person’s home. Mt Wellington is open from Mon 11 May, but Pinnacle Road will remain closed.
  • People are urged to continue to wash hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes, and not to go out if suffering even mild cough and cold symptoms. Don’t attend if unwell in any way.

From June 15, it is expected there may be further relaxation of the rules to allow 20 persons to gather, but this will depend on health advice at the time.

How does this affect Club trips?
All the above rules apply.
In addition,

  • No car pooling
  • No visitors
  • No sharing of first aid kits or equipment
  • Recommended to carry hand sanitizer
  • To go on a Club trip, your home must be within 30km by road of the meeting place.
  • Cyclists ride single file, not abreast

Limit of ten people, booking for Club trips.

Large numbers presenting at a meeting place could put pressure on car parks, and give an impression of our Club not abiding by the rules. Therefore, Exec has decided against the suggestion to divide a group in two, with a ‘sub-coordinator’.

  • The current advice for Club trips is to adhere strictly to a limit of ten persons per group.
  • Bookings will be used, on a purely temporary basis. Details of the meeting time and place will be with-held from previews, both in the Circular and on the website. Members will be asked to phone or text the Coordinator to book on a Club trip and to find out the meeting time and place. The Coordinator will accept a maximum of the first nine persons who book.

Extra trips have been programmed on some days when large numbers normally attend particularly the Tuesday, and both Wednesday walking groups. Mt Wellington might be very busy!

Programmers will need extra coordinators to cover these extra walks so please contact them if you can help. We have extended Circular closing to this Tuesday 11th to accommodate the new and changed trips.

Members will need to keep up to date with the website and Facebook, but the website will be the most up-to-date record of Club Trips.

These plans will carry us through June. From June 15, it is expected that allowable group numbers may increase to twenty; however it will still be necessary to contact the coordinator to find out place and time of meeting. We will review the booking procedure at that time. Different arrangements might be possible for July when we know further the intentions of the government.

Philip Le Grove President