Equipment and food

Equipment laid out for packing, Twynam Cirque

Image: Gear for a weekend hike, ready for packing

Equipment lists – What you need to take on day walks and multi-day walks.

Day Walks
Day walk gear list
See also Safety in the Bush (2000), Chapter 3 ‘Equipment and Clothing’, pp 30-31

Multi-day walks
Multi-day/Extended/Overnight walk gear list
See also Safety in the Bush (2000), Chapter 3 ‘Equipment and Clothing’, pp 29-44

Food planning

See Safety in the Bush (2000), Chapter 4 ‘Food’, pp 47-51
A selection of suggested recipes –  from Scroggin to delicious lightweight dinners.

First Aid in the Bush

See Safety in the Bush (2000)Chapter 10 ‘First Aid in the Bush’, pp 123-142
List of suggested items for First Aid Kits

Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs)

The Club has a number of PLBs available for use by Members.  We also subsidise purchase of PLBs by active members periodically.
Club policy on borrowing and use of HWC PLBs

Discounts on Equipment

Some outdoor shops offer discounts to HWC members.
List of stores offering discounts

Equipment for hire

HWC has a number of items of equipment available for loan to Club Members. These items may be used on Club or private trips within Tasmania.
List of equipment available for hire from the Club

What NOT to bring

While the final decision is up to you, these items are rarely carried by experienced walkers on longer trips:
pyjamas, a pillow (other than an inflatable pillow), shampoo, cosmetics, clean changes of clothes apart from underwear and socks, scarves (get caught in scrub), spare shoes, heavy fry pans, drip coffee makers, hunting knives or anything larger than a Swiss army knife, liquids such as milk or beer.