Getting started

Welcome! Here is some information to help you start walking, cycling and/or kayaking with the Hobart Walking Club.

Discovering what’s on and booking for a trip

All Club activities are listed on the website under “What’s On/Current Trips”. Detailed descriptions including meeting place and time can be accessed once you join the Club.

Prospective members need to contact the Trip Coordinator prior to joining a trip and can do so by making a booking or simply phoning the Coordinator.  On most day walks full members are not required to book trips, however some may require bookings and this will be specified.  All overnight trips require booking.

  • Using your Username and Password login to HWC website
  • Select drop down menu What’s On >> Current Activities
  • Browse the list till you find a Trip that interests you
  • Hit the activity title (or the blue triangle, or the image) to see more detail
  • Note whether the activity is ‘Need to book’ or ‘No need to book’.
  • If ‘Need to book’ = no:
    • Make a note of the meeting place and time. For all ‘no need to book’ walks just turn up at the stated meeting point. Most day trips do not require a booking.
  • If ‘Need to book’ = Yes:
    • Hit ‘Request a Booking’.
    • If this is your first activity with this Coordinator or you are a Prospective, please describe your fitness level and experience in the ‘Comments’ box. If you are a Prospective please ring the Coordinator to discuss the trip to ensure it is within your capabilties.
    • Hit ‘Send booking request’; the Coordinator will contact you.

Don’t hesitate to send an inquiry to the Trip Coordinator if you need any information about the trip, or equipment, or any other aspect.


Bushwalking and other outdoor activities involve risks that could lead to injury, illness or death or to loss of or damage to your property. The Club has policies and procedures to help manage risks, but you remain responsible for your own safety. All members completed an Acknowledgement of Risk Form when joining the Club, and this Form acknowledging risk is retained by the Club for at least 10 years after a member leaves the Club.

Gradings and Activity Descriptions

Each activity has a grading (e.g. ME meaning Medium length, Easy terrain) and the description are there to help you assess your ability to complete the walk safely and enjoyably.


On most trips there is a car pooling system with shared transport costs. Costs are shared by car passengers with a recommended maximum of 10c per passenger per kilometre. There may also be ferry costs, park entry fees and camping fees. For more details please see the Transport Pooling Guidelines.

Trip meeting locations are specified in the detailed Current Activities list which can be access once you join the Club.

What happens if an activity finishes late?

Late finishes are rare, but can happen. Before the trip, please let anyone who is likely to worry about your late return know that you may be late.

Further information

For more detailed information on what you can expect on a trip and what we expect from you, see Guidelines for Participants.

Hut at Lake Nameless.
Photo by Geoff O’Hara