Login and logout

Logging in

If you are a Club member you can log in to use features such as Change Password, My Bookings and My History. You will also need to log in to make a booking request.

To Log in, go to the Home Page, and hit the round Login icon, or the text ‘LOGIN’ in the menu.

Enter your User Name. For current and recently-expired members, your User Name is the email address that you have registered with the Club. If you are not sure which email address you have registered with the Club, contact the Membership Officer.

Then enter your Password. If you have forgotten your Password, select the Forgot Password option.

If there is a ‘DASHBOARD’ option in the menu and not  ‘LOGIN’ option, you are already logged in. Hit ‘DASHBOARD’ to enter the system.

Can’t login?

If you get the message ‘Please enter valid login credentials’, here are some trouble-shooting hints.

  • Check that Caps Lock is off
  • Check that your User Name contains an @ symbol
  • Check that you have entered your full email address in ‘User Name’ (e.g. mary.smith@gmail.com). Some users have relied on their browser’s auto-complete function, only to find that the User Name is not complete
  • Check that your User Name is left-justified i.e. that there are no preceding blank characters
  • If you think your User Name is correct, but you are not sure about your password, hit Forgot password. The System will email you a new password. You can use that password to login. After you have logged in, you can use Change Password to change your password to something you can remember more easily.
  • If all that fails, contact the Membership Officer or the Web Manager. They can check that the email address you are entering is the same address that is listed in the System, and they may be able to look up your password in the old system.

If, after you enter your User Name and Password, you get the message ‘Please login first’, there may be some mix-up with multiple sessions. Close down your browser and try again; if that does not work, restart your machine and try again.

Logging out

On a desk top computer, there are two ways to log out:

  • Go to the Home Page. Hover your cursor over ‘Dashboard’ in the top menu.  ‘Logout’ will appear. Click on ‘Logout’ or
  • If your ‘green menu’ is visible, scroll to the foot of the menu.  The last menu option is ‘Logout’. Click on it.

On a smart phone or other touchscreen device:

  • If you can see the ‘green menu’, scroll to the foot of it.  The last menu option is ‘Logout’. Click on it.
  • If you can’t see the ‘green menu’ hit the hamburger icon. It should display the green menu.

Or you can simply close the window. The System will log you out after some time has passed.

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Updated on 17 October 2019.   GOH