What’s On – coverage

  • Current Activities – activities coming up or in progress
  • Archived activities – activities that finished yesterday or earlier

‘Current activities’ is always up to date. As soon as a new activity is approved by the Walks Data, it displays in Current Activities. Once an activity’s End Date has passed, it displays in Archived Activities.

How to take part in an activity

  • Log In
  • What’s On > Current Activities
  • Browse the list till you find an Trip that interests you
  • Hit the blue activity title, or the image if there is one, to see more detail
  • If ‘Need to book’ = no,  just make a note of the meeting place and time and turn up.
  • If ‘Need to book’ = Yes,
      • hit ‘Request a Booking’. If you are a current member, log in .
      • If this is your first activity with this Coordinator, please describe your fitness level and experience in the ‘Comments’ box.
      • Hit ‘Send booking request’.
      • The Coordinator will contact you.


Q. I want to make a booking but there is no ‘Request a Booking’ button

A. The activity might be a ‘No-need-to-book’ activity. Go to the activity detail view and look for the ‘need to book’ field about half way down the page. If it is set to No, you cannot book.

Or the activity may have already started.

Or you may be logged in but your membership has expired. Check your dashboard. If ‘My Bookings’ is not visible, your membership has expired. If you were a member, you will need to renew your membership before you can make booking requests again.

Q. When the System sends me emails about my bookings, it sends them twice

A. We’re sorry – we had to put the multiple-emails bug into the too-hard basket. We are not sure if the cause is in the software or is due to some kind of slowness on the server that hosts our site.

Weathered wood, photographed on the AAWT, by Mike Bremers
Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Argentina.  By Geoff O’Hara

Updated 21 September 2020.  GOH